Toshiba NB550D AMD Fusion Netbook w/ Harman Kardon Speakers Review The Toshiba NB550D is a strong netbook choice for multimedia with its AMD C-50 Fusion chipset and integrated Harman Kardon Speakers. Distributed by Tubemogul. You can read the full review here

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  1. @camwilmot you have such a cute voice

  2. i want to play vids with quality on utube with 2 earphones ideas? thnx

  3. @Schwarzeneggerrr I need best sound quality for two earphones so i and a friend can watch utube vids with sound quality. Do u have ideas? thankyou

  4. how can i get quality sound reproduction for 2 sets of earphones?thnx

  5. PhotonUponLight

    How many pins is the Ram? i want to change it myself to a 4GB

  6. 100georgecyprus

    i have it the same laptop.the same color!!!!<3 i love it!!

  7. @mezzadakiller The mic as that is input.

  8. Can I buy this in the US? I can’t find it on the internet stores…

  9. and.. Jesus christ.. I have the SAME netbook and wanted to find out how to change the graphics card and looking into how to change just about everything in mine because it SUCKS.. Mine runs and intel atom @1.67 GHz and only 1.00 GB RAM and it’s only 32 bit -_- I’m jealous..

  10. @jesuisunearme If you knew about recording studio equipment you’d know that most equipment you get can get USB attachments so they can work with any computer xD

  11. what if i want to do some recording studio stuff, like using Cubase, Logic, ableton live, etc ? does it works for it ? 

  12. Schwarzeneggerrr

    I would recommend everyone to buy a cheap ass laptop and connect your Harman Kardon Soundsticks to it and enjoy great quality audio XD

  13. bizarreunderworld

    shutup bitch and show us the speakers.

  14. steve miller band started on a property about 5 mins away from my house

  15. steve miller band started on a property about 5 mins away from my house

  16. … blink 182 – dammit … im fall in love with this girl :D :D ..

  17. haha, was that your Guitar Hero playlist? ;)

  18. StrickenHAWK666

    @Ulikazu No I haven’t. Its a bit of a shame really. I have no idea how to fix it either. I’ve tried everything.

  19. @StrickenHAWK666 The same here :(

    I just got the APU ASUS 1015pn, and i just get a black screen :(

    Did you get yours fixed?

  20. “rough n sexy” huh! she’s reviewing the touch pad or holding a dick? the dog spotted a thief while she’s doing the review. lol

  21. inspirationroad

    I find this netbook in Poland  ; D
    i am happy too l ;)

  22. Where do you get these laptops? I cNt find it LOL

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