Eee PC 1000H: Emulators

This is a compilation video of the Eee pc 1000H running some emulators (Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64) PS: Be sure to play the N64 emulator in fullscreen mode. It lags if it’s windowed. Please message me if you fixed this problem. – - – - – - – System Specs: Upgraded 2 GB RAM “Super Hybrid Performance” set on “Auto” HDD: SAMSUNG M6 Series 320GB SATA 5400 RPM 1.5Gb/s Windows XP Pro SP2

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  1. mistervanderveer

    This is just so awesome, it should be illegal.

    Oh wait…

    Anyhow, this vid convinced me that an EEE pc is a billion times better an investment than any other handheld on the market.

    Relative power + freedom to install whatever you want + emulators run smooth + low price = FUCKING WIN!

  2. I bought mine yesterday on ebay. Now to wait 3-8 buisness days!

  3. lol i used to play wolfenstein when i was like only 6 or something

  4. SanAntonio78210

    What kind of controler are you use for Zelda 64

  5. SanAntonio78210

    ITS KART not CART….

  6. Man, I’m so playing ssb everywhere I go when I get this, screw waiting for the pandora.


    cant wait to get one of those netbooks

  8. i’l own you in SSB

  9. At the time of writing that comment, the Nvidia powered Atom netbooks did not exist.

    I would reccoment a Nvidia + Atom for gaming now.

    In terms of real world performance, in spite of it’s lower clock speed, a 1.2ghz VIA can outperform a 1.6Ghz Atom in real world performance due to the chip design being much more efficient. Sure you can OC the Atom to 2Ghz, but even though it’s “stable”… it’s not THAT stable (unstable doesn’t = BSOD all the time)

    And no problemo, ’twas fun.

  10. Necro-ing your comment, because it’s so insanely wrong. Thanks for playing.

  11. Can you just quickly tell how well Pokemon Stadium/2 runs?

  12. Conker’s Bad Fur Day is another excellent N64 game to play on the Asus Eee PC.

    ALSO: Don’t forget about Perfect Dark

  13. just run them on windows? where’s the problem?
    901 + 1000H comes with XP.

  14. Eeeasy! lol

  15. ededdandeddymaster

    im going to replace my 512 mb ram for a 2 gb ram in the summer. i have no problems with all ps games or snes games but goldeneye is a bit slow when changing weapons and vigilante 8 & vigilante 8 2nd offense are also slow in fullscreen mode. (BTW i have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 with windows xp pro edition with service pack 3. so just a pc with 256 ram could run most games without many problems)

  16. thx for the reply. but i wasnt looking for a gaming netbook. i hate gaming on laptops, except for casual gaming :P
    besides the samsung costs almost twice as the asus. :X
    and i was just wondering if it emulates psone smoothly.
    honestly i dont even bother that it doesnt play 1080p vids. as long as its cheap, very portable, and lets me do a bit more than basic stuff, its nice already :)
    gotta start savin up some euros :P

  17. I seriously recommend the Samsung NC20 instead if you are looking for a small laptop for gaming, it uses VIA’s latest mobile CPU which is a lot faster than the atom.

    But yes the eee 1000H emulates PS1 perfectly.

  18. goldeneye, sweet :)

    but wheres Killer Instinct ?

  19. Goldeneye!!! Woo hoo!!! Go Eee PC!

  20. does it run smooth, or playable, psone emulator? anyone knows?
    im kinda interested in getting myself a 1000h but i kinda need more positive aspects about it.
    btw, is there any difference between the 1000h and the 904ha besides screen size and battery life? cuz 904ha is 50€ cheaper from where im getting it. reply plz

  21. the eee pc have good grapichcards :)

  22. Greeeeeeat video!
    I just ordered the 1000H today. Really good to see that all those great games can be run on that machine. I love it :D

  23. Did you use Project 64? What resolution were you able to have it at and have it run that well at fullscreen? Thanks

  24. craigmcwinfield

    Are these played directly from the Eee pc? How easy is it to make them work directly from the Eee?

  25. homersimpson200


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