Asus Transformer: Hubs Navigation Tutorial

This is a video response to my last video demonstrating how I got the Hub setup to navigate between home screens. Please excuse by “broken engrish”, this is the first time speaking on camera and I am a bit nervous. My accent comes out more obvious when I’m nervous and at a loss for words. Again, I didn’t come up with this beautiful Hubs idea, it is just my take at the “hubs” homescreen by fliparesenal on XDA: Below is a link for my Minimalistic Text Preference files. Thanks for watching!

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  1. @trekkie0927 What about the multiLive Wallpaper? Mine wont change the image once i switch screen, even though I used Individual settings for each screen.

  2. how did you set up the folder organiser to launch a grouper folder from a home screen?

  3. @NuRaLoQi Unfortunately, the newer versions of ADW Ex has made it impossible to extend the widgets all the way to the end. I have the same problem too…

  4. How did you get the “labels” right to the left of the screen? Even with auto Stretch there is still a gap there.

  5. @TouchersMcChildd I updated the video description with a link to the preset files.

  6. @BongoBong7777 When the Minimalisiti Widget Preferences show up, check “disable action on tap”. This should take care of it.

  7. @GGLifeHD go to ADW Preferences >Screen Preferences>Advanced Settings, check Auto Stretch

  8. @ruffharts That is a one of the default Asus widget.

  9. @ruffharts I used an app called PicSpeed HD Wallpapers to download all my wallpapers

  10. @Roshara11 I updated the video description with a link.

  11. TouchersMcChildd

    I can’t figure out how to make those presets you’re using in Minimalistic Text. Any chance they could be shared via dropbox?

  12. Thanks for the tutorial. I was wondering if you ever have this problem though. When I make the minimalistic widget overlap the “go to screen x” icons it almost always works, but sometimes depending on if I hit my minimalistic widget just right, I actually hit the widget and go to the minimalistic widget options as opposed to hitting the go to screen icon.

    Just something you have to live with?

  13. hey, when I’m making my hub with minimalistic, it either overlaps or has a huge gap, how did you get them to perfectly align above and below each other? thanks, the theme looks great!

  14. where did you get the clear weather APP?

  15. where did you get your wallpapers from …please let me know!

  16. Hey mate, I love your setup. Can you post your minimalistic text preferences file? Thanks in advance

  17. @shrinathmukund1991 you have to add an invisible ADW action shortcut to switch on different screens. You can make it invisible by choosing a custom icon. When it asks you to select an icon, choose a dock icon and it will become invisible. Then you add a Minimalistic Widget beside the invisible shortcut. Hold on the widget to resize. Extend the length of the widget to cover the invisible ADW shortcut. Now when you click on the bar, it is actually clicking on the switch home screen shortcut!

  18. @SCUi3401 You can set a swipe gesture to hide the top bar. Or you can add an ADW Action shortcut like I did (the top icon with arrow pointing up).

  19. @RafSochi You can set a swipe gesture to hide the top bar. Or you can add an ADW Action shortcut like I did (the top icon with arrow pointing up).

  20. shrinathmukund1991

    hey how to make that tab “productivity” to extend when u click it

  21. @newguy2911 Those are widgets from Asus, not available on other tablets of another brand.

  22. @SCUi3401 The highlights are just configurations of that specific widgets. Make the widget size wider and change the color

  23. Nice setup. What is the name of the email widget on your home screen ( number of emails and “go to inbox) ?

  24. I found how to hide the bar but now how do you put the highlights on the sides ?

  25. how do you hide status bar?

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