Asus EEE PC Unboxing

Asus EEE PC Unboxing. Also available in higher quality at

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  1. Eee pc little

  2. ugh.. I got this computer and I DO NOT LIKE IT!!! DONT BUY IT!! p.s i wanna get an alienware for christmas. im gonna post it on as many vids as i can and i might get it!

  3. thebackuganguy22

    ugh.. I got this computer and I DO NOT LIKE IT!!! DONT BUY IT!!

  4. i Would like to know how much is it?

  5. @mariockart for a NETBOOK, ya it is. but if you’re not into computer very much, i would recomment xp

  6. hey are u in america bc tht does not look like mine its a eee pc from best buy so get it straight niga

  7. I’m Pissed Off, The One I Ordered Says Its The White Version On The Box But When I Opened It, Its Fucking Dark Blue, I decided To Keep It But I Did Want White

  8. GibbsiesTUTSxUKx

    i am selling one of these please pm if ur interested

  9. grat very very beautiful

  10. IS LINUX OS !!


  11. Are u running linux

  12. yes but 1st Runescape has crappy views, that means you may have trouble seeing the whole screen. I WOULD GO WITH A BIGGER LAPTOP yes a bigger one there arent made for gaming.

  13. You SUCK! Mac is best, fuck the rest!

  14. where the hell have you been

  15. £700 For A Macbook No Thanks , I’ll Get A Dell :D For £400 WITH A BUILT IN WEBCAM xD Mac Sucks

  16. He Gets Paid With Those ? I Have Them There Useful

  17. i got the 8gb version and its great for its price

  18. Theirishnintendonerd

    get firefox and adblock plus

  19. fuck these google adds that keep popping up in every vid i see!!!!

  20. look at the screen size. its the 701.

  21. is this 900 series?

  22. haha spoiled spoiled spoiled spoiled, hahah ” Go throw a knife and catch it in the air with my head”???? HAHAHAHA and thats pretty fucking funnny!!! hahaha spoiled spoiled spoiled spoiled.

  23. stfu poor son of a cock…and i have 2 iphones so what?? who r u to judge me…is ur username to mislead ppl or smthg? go throw a knife in the air and catch it with ur head fucktard

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