Asus Zenbook UX31 Hands on Review

Can the ultra-portable Zenbook UX31 from Asus really take on Apple’s Macbook Air? The Asus Zenbook UX31 is one of the first laptops to conform to Intel’s Ultrabook specification. And, right away, we’ll tell you – it stands toe-to-toe with Apple’s MacBook Air in the fight for the title of best luxury ultraportable. More competition is to come, however, in the form of the Lenovo IdeaPad U300 S, Acer Aspire S3 and, potentially, others from the likes of HP and Dell. Keep up to date with the latest technology news: Enter our competitions here: Stay on-top of our videos by subscribing to the Techradar Youtube channel:

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  1. @10qpalzmm I’m not talking about the brushed surface. Look at the very beginning of the video at 0.03 seconds, there are two nicks on the edges, one at the lower edge of the USB port and another to the left above the USB port.

  2. @shiningyrlife I’m pointing out that the craftsmanship, and you tell me to go worship a mac? Who’s the idiot talking here?

  3. @capoeira4u says the guy with no knowledge about PC, go worship ur mac like a blindman.

  4. 1:08

    999 pounds????

  5. @capoeira4u thats not rough edges its called brushed aluminuim its what its supposed to look like

  6. There are different ultra books out there in different colors, design, and specification Mac has the same design and specs for those who don’t like variety. By the way it can run aero i7 has integrated HD 3000 graphics

  7. @capoeira4u What?

    Just like Macbooks..

  8. @capoeira4u what?

  9. OMG, very poor craftsmanship!  Look at the rough edges at 0:03.

  10. I have a 2009 macbook pro 13 inch and it still works as if it came out from the box. Battery still gives me 6-7 hours and I’ve never encountered a single virus nor lags. I’m very happy with it and still looking forward to use it for years to come…

  11. please tell me you can run windows aero not just windows basic theme

  12. I wish I waited with my acer one fot this puppy…
    Robert Lichota, an investoer of 20 years Robert Lihcota (Robert L, R Lichota)

  13. lil gay voice, just sayin

  14. @JogBird I don’t :D I guess the majority would like a clean aluminum look

  15. would be better in all black.. i hate shiney laptops

  16. less curves, alot less shiney, matt black and remove detailing and i’m in. I want simple clean design WITHOUT the apple logo

  17. it’s looking like a battle between ultrabooks and large tablets…

  18. First !!i want one of these!!

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