Toshiba NB550D AMD Fusion Netbook – First Impressions/Review

Toshiba NB550D Netbook with AMD Fusion C50 APU! Geekbench: Flickr: Tumblr Review: Avatar 1080p Flash Test:

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  1. Good review… Thanks for the info .. Just purchased one and hope the speakers sound as good as people say they are ! :)

  2. @mony708 yes, i do it on my atom netbook which has quite a bit less power than this. It should handle those tasks with ease.

  3. @DKsbaryler thanks, glad you found it helpful :)

  4. Fantastic review! Very informative and just very nice!

  5. can it handle photo editing programs “photoshop” and raw photos, thanx

  6. I bought the netbook two weeks ago, and i’m having problems with the internet connection, I find the wireless signal very weak. I’ve had a Toshiba laptop for 5 years now and the internet rarely disconnects so the problem isn’t with my internet connection its with the netbook it self, dose anyone have the same problem? and what should I do about this? i’ve updated i’ve deleted the junk programmes that came with it but nothing seams to help the internet connection.

  7. @ddchad It does support 4GB of RAM, you only have one slot for RAM so you need a single 4GB stick.

    Best way to do a fresh install of Linux is to create a USB install drive with an app called Universal USB Installer.

    You can also install Windows from a USB drive but it requires a bit more work. Do a Google for “Install Windows 7 from USB drive” and click the first link. I used that guide to do a fresh install of Winows 7 Ultimate on my netbook :)

  8. Hi I’m thinking of of getting one of these where would I find how to get rid of the bloatware and install linux? Also i heard you can update to 4gb of ram is this true?

  9. @nerdishcouk it’s grown on me, would have preferred the blue model though :)

  10. I like the brown!

  11. @AgentHydra you can with a descent amount of framerate…it ranges from about 15 to 30 on high resolution and everything else normal

  12. @AgentHydra Probably on low, I’d install it and bench if I had a copy :D

  13. @seanzageek Yeah its a great system.

    The problem I had with my old netbook was that it made too many compromises to be small and cheap. The performance, battery life, keyboard and mouse were pretty bad. This netbook feels more like an ultra-portable, great battery life, great performance, keyboard and trackpad are very good etc. :)

  14. @AgentHydra yes it can

  15. i wonder if you can play COD4 on it lol

  16. Not really a netbook fan but that actually looks like a really nice little netbook, baffles me why anyone would buy a ipad or even a MBA over this i mean better connectivity than a MBA, more functionality than an ipad and all for £300, seems like an obvious choice.

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