Asus Eee PC Gaming: Garry’s Mod

This is Garry’s Mod (a Half Life 2 Modification) running without any lag on my Asus Eee PC 900! System Specifications: Processor: Intel Celeron M 900MHz Memory: 1GB DDR2-400 RAM Graphics: Mobile Intel 915GM (64MB) HDD: 4GB SSD + 16GB SSD Operating System: Windows XP Professional Detailed hardware report: This is no fake, try it yourself!! Smallest Gaming Laptop for just around 350€!

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  1. my comp is windows xp and when i play gmod steam it says memory not read

  2. @lauris3722 This IS a personal computer!

  3. @chrisdietlmeier USB mouse. 

  4. dude where is your battery

  5. lol the screen looks funny XD

  6. Garry’s Mod 11 is where its at my peps.

  7. @lauris3722 its a laptop

  8. my hp mini has the intel 3150 its so annoying XD

  9. now spawn 300 zombies and nuke them whilst they are in a skyscraper made of crates and other laggy stuff.

  10. This isnt PC.

  11. @multimolti WHAT SETTING DO YOU USE??

  12. @chrisdietlmeier lol you retarded?

  13. GLukeSkovarodker

    @chrisdietlmeier Dumbass.

  14. @multimolti xD

  15. alright asus! i just got an asus desktop w/ an nvidia 1024 mb vid card(dont remember the name of it at the moment), 8 gigs of ram, i7 processor, 650 watt rocketfish pwr supply, klipsch 7.1 speakers, terrabyte hard drive. i had to put in the card and pwr supply myself but needless to say it runs gmod really well. and thats great cos gmod is my all time fav. so far i can run any game on the market on its highest settings…pc gaming is the only way to game for me right now, mainly cos of gmod

  16. @chrisdietlmeier

    Complete Mother Fucking Dumb Ass, you are now Labled: C.M.F.D.A.

  17. can it work to on gmod 10

  18. Does this work with most eee pc models cuz I have the blue one with xp professional.

  19. what kind of computer do you need

  20. Play gmod 10 its better

  21. @multimolti yea, some people just dont ever learn the basics lol! i tried a touchpad with halo 1 and failed….got a game pad, failed,……… a usb mouse, win!

  22. i was playing gmod on my EEE pc 1005 hab and i got blue screen of death

  23. @chrisdietlmeier actually they fit, just have a good look.

  24. @chrisdietlmeier ever heard of the great invention called “USB mouse”? you can actually plug it into your laptop and then USE it!

  25. @metzomotzo maybe he is using a mouse i did when i owned this make of laptop

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