Asus Eee PC 1215B RAM and HDD Upgrade Help – Asus Eee PC 1215B Netbook tutorial on how to upgrade the ram and hdd. Its tricky and the maximum amount for RAM ist 2x4gb ddr3 sodimm.

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  1. Bocsi hogy magyarul kérdezem,de szerinted mindegyik 1215B tipusú gépben 2x2Gb ram van?

  2. mmmmmmm….. nice greasy finger on the gold contacts. Thats how to do it!

  3. Could u tell me plz,, what is the exact specification of the stock memorys that come with this laptop? “Asus Eee PC 1215B” i mean what is the type of memorys that comes with this laptop…. be very specific plz

  4. Newegg just updated the product specs, thankfully – though memory spec is still wrong (it’s 10600, not 1333.) Will put the video to use – just got mine, love it, but the relatively slow HDD (5400rpm) is clearly the bottleneck. Glad NE put a 64 GB Crucial SSD on sale yesterday, ’cause this baby needs it.

  5. Nice, very helpfull video.

  6. Were did you purchase the RAM?

  7. @Kaggy84 Good to know it works in 8gb mode. although I see it overkill. 4gb will be placed in mines. Thx

  8. Just tested, works with 8GB just fine.
    That’s the problem with Asus sites, they only list the specs the product come with and not how much it supports.

  9. @koiril Yup. Bios may be limited to 4gb, but some users have reported that 8gb works fine.. so only thing to do is try.

  10. @NVMDSTEvil Yeah, found that out a couple days ago. So, if you had a 64-bit OS on hear you could potentially hit 8GB of ram?

  11. @koiril E-350′s are 64bit. OS is the problem if you can only get 3GB ram. In 32-bit OS just enable PAE and large system cache, usually does well enough. Can do more but thats all a basic consumer needs at the most really.

  12. @hornistsnest it does have touch pad, if that makes you feel any better. there’s a problem with it, according to some reviews, so that’s a relief. i was worried this new model is almost “perfect” lol @ ANUS!!!

    i’m looking into other brands now. fuck it.

  13. @GarbageState No tape drive no deal! Also, it’d better have MS-DOS 1.

  14. @lp5kill just got mine, 2 slots. I doubt Asus would be so dumb to design 2 slots of RAM and only support 4GB max, furthermore it came with Win7 Premium x64; I’m going to go with 8GB

  15. @DontWatchThisFilm this laptop will only recognize 3GB of ram. It’s due to the fact that this laptop has a 36 bit processor in it.

  16. DontWatchThisFilm

    Ummmm, are you sure it’s upgradeable to 8gb??? Almost every 1215b spec searched says only “4gb max”. Please confirm… Would love to upgrade to 8 but need your expertise!!! Great vids btw… post more on the 1215b please!!!

  17. Really, people are complaining about it not having parallel ports or a floppy drive? lol, what is this, 1995?

  18. i have question…i have thought that 1215b has maximum ram 4GB and there is only one slot for ram,not dual channel, so can i give 8gb(2*4gb) ram into mb of this netbook? :)

  19. Wow. Asus pulled an Apple with that hard drive.

  20. WTF!!! you have to take it apart to replace hdd??? i miss my old POS 1000h/he.

  21. @B0HMED probably not, but it does have VGA port. would be nice if it had parallel and serial ports but that’s asking too much. btw i also prefer ps/2 connectors, one for external keyboard and one for mouse.

  22. no floppy drive no deal!

  23. no floppy drive no deal!

  24. NICE IT HAS A USB 3.0

    i am not sure yet about us version it has a usb 3.0 or not

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